Charlie (Chia-Hua)

Railway Worker, Shaolin Priest


Cognition: 3d6
Search: 1
Deftness: 1d6
Knowledge: 2d6 +2 to all Knowledge aptitude and skill rolls
Area Knowledge:
-Home County: 2
-English: 2
-Chinese: 2
-Traditional Chinese: 2
-Theology: 1
-Railworker: 1
Mien: 2d4
Nimbleness: 1d12
Climbin’: 1
-Martial Arts: 5
Sneak: 1
Quickness: 4d6
Smarts: 2d6 +2 to all Smarts aptitude and skill rolls
Spirit: 4d8
Faith: 5
Guts: 2
Ch’i: 5
Strength: 3d12
Vigor: 3d10

Hand to Hand Weapons

Weapon Defense Speed Damage
Fist 1 Str (+ 1d6 if Lethal)
Butterfly Knife 1 1 Str + 1d6
Three Section Staff 2 1 Str + 2d6

Edges & Hindrances
Arcane Background: Blessed
Martial Arts Training
Arcade Background: Enlightened
Heavy Sleeper

Hardy (Ignore 2 wound levels)

Humility (Immune to test of wills)

Lion Hearted (+2 to Guts checks, -5 to results on Scairt’ table)

Spiritual Giant (+1 Size)

Pious (-2 to fear level near me)

Wisdom (+2 to Smarts and Knowledge aptitude and skill rolls)

Get Up (Fightin’:Martial Arts TN 5 to stand as free action)

Lock (opposed F:MA vs Opponents Fightin’ to get a lock. Contested F:MA roll vs. their vigor. They take difference as a penalty to all their rolls)

Spin Kick (-2 to hit, +1d4 damage)

Sweep (+4 to hit, no damage, opponent knocked prone)

Throwin’ People (attack or def, F:MA vs F, if I win thrown within 6 ft of me, vigor 3 or stunned, add +2 to check or each raise I got)

Ch’i Powers
Fury Fans the Flames
Merciful Sparrow
The Slithering Eel
Dragon’s Claw
Blood of Gold


Charlie (Chia-Hui) was orphaned at an early age. He was taken in and raised at a small Shaolin temple in China. Ten years ago, Chia-Hui’s master Jen-Cheh chose to travel to America to see to the spiritual needs of Chinese immigrants working in California. Chia-Hui, 15, chose to leave with his master.

Chia-Hui continued to train with his master, as well as learning traditional Chinese medicine, and doing what he could to help the impoverished of Shan Fan.

Whether it was helping an indentured rail worker pay off staggering debts, one too many sermons against the vice and corruption of Kang’s practices, or some other unknown reason, Jen-Cheh came to the attention of enforcers for the Iron Dragon railroad. Five years ago a pair of gunmen were hired to gun the unsuspecting Jen-Cheh down in the street. The attack came as a surprise, and Jen-Cheh was fatally wounded. In an uncharacteristic fit of rage, Chia-Hui tracked down and killed both gunmen.

Ashamed of what he’d done. Chia-Hui left Shan Fan and headed farther east. He’s worked for various railroads, doing everything from cooking, working to lay track, or providing medical services. He now goes by Charlie and has grown out his hair. While he will council people on spiritual matters if the opportunity arises, he rarely preaches or attempts to gain converts. He’s kept his priest robes and prayer beads, but nevers wears the robes and only uses the beads during personal medition.

Charlie only keeps enough cash to purchase food, medical supplies, and pay for rooming if necessary, and enough for a train ticket somewhere else if he feels it’s time to move on. He gives his excess earnings to the poor or any charity he can find.

Charlie (Chia-Hua)

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