Johnathan "Trip" Underwood

2nd Company of Minnesota Sharpshooter, 10,000 lakes hunter and fisher, lost father


Cognition 3d8
Search 2
Trackin’ 4
Marksmen 2 (Lone Star Page 78)

Deftness 2d12
Shootin’ 5
Rifle, Pistols, Shotguns
Speed Load 2

Knowledge 4d4
Area Knowledge – Home County 2
Professional – Theology 2
Trade (Gun Smith) 2

Mien 3d6
Animal Wrangin’ 1

Nimblenness 4d6
Climbin’ 2
Knife 1
Rifle 3
Sneak 2
Swimmin’ 3
Horse Ridin’ 1
Dodge: 2

Quickness 2d8

Smarts 2d8
Survival 3
Forest, Desert

Spirit 1d12
Faith 3
Guts 2

Strength 3d6

Vigor 3d6

Pace: 6 yards

Size: 6

Wind: 18+4(Tough as Nails (2)) = 22


Law O’ the West (A good man does not kill people without just cause. Players Hand Book page 54) +2 for persuasion when Trip has an honorable reputation that might make a difference

Hankerin’ – Tobacco (Players Hand Book page 53)

Doubting Thomas (Players Hand Book page 51)

Self Righteous (Players Hand Book page 58)


Sand (2) +2 to stun and recovery checks (Players Hand Book page 65)

Arcane Background: Blessed

Nerves of Steel (Players Hand Book page 64) fails a guts check and forced to flee may stand his ground. Still suffers other penalties

Tough as Nails (2) (Players Hand Book page 66) +2 to wind

Blessed Powers:

Protection (Players Handbook page 176) protection against evil spirits

Panacea (Fire and Brimstone page 54) cure infections and disease

Guardian Angel (Fire and Brimstone page 71) -2 for shooting roles against Trip and always on

Favored (Fire and Brimstone page 70) 1 white chip at start of game session, cannot be used for bounty and goes away

Equipment of Note

Gun: Bullard Express Rounds: 11 Caliber: .50 Rate of Fire: 1 Damage: 4d10 Range: 20+5 yards
Lengthening the barrel +5 yards ; +1 Concealment (Law Dogs page 64)
Rifle Sight +1 to shootin’ rolls if target is >50 yards away and drawing a bead (Law Dogs page 63)
Bayonet STR + 2d6 AND +2 defense uses Fighting: Rifle (Lone Stars page 77)

Gun: Colt Army Rounds: 6 Caliber: .44 Rate of Fire: 1 Damage: 3d6 Range: 10 yards

Gun: Winchester ‘73 Rounds: 15 .Caliber: 44-40 Rate of Fire: 1 Damge: 4d8 Range: 20
Reliability = 18

Knife Defense +1 Damage: STR + 1d6


Johnathan "Trip" Underwood

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