Southern Steam Railway

The Late Night Meeting

Session 1

The late night meeting

It was late in the evening on August 14th 1877. The manager of the Los Carriles branch of the Southern Steam Railway had called a meeting with his high level staff and security team. The meeting was called to discuss possible enhancements and changes in procedures to make shipping and travel safer on their trains.

This came about from a new client that ownership and the home office was courting, that had raised concerns about the safety of future cargo. Your boss, James Dent, was not truly concerned, but carried on with the meeting anyway.

After a good meeting with several suggestions ranging from faster trains, to large chains the meeting was interrupted by voices, followed by a loud bang, a gun shot.

The team went into the loading dock to investigate and found that the large cavernous space was being raided.

It was unclear what they may have been looking for as almost all the cargo had gone on out the last shipment to Albuquerque.

A shout from Jeremiah Weed drew the attention of the would be criminals, and after being intimidated a gun fight rang out.

It was a long drawn out battle as the distance made it a challenge for all but the very best gunslingers in the room to hit anything but air or the walls.

The apparent leader of the group seemed to be a mouthy man with a decent shot but maybe a little too brazen as he did not heed the warnings of the party facing him, well up until a bullet finally spilled his guts out in front of him.

Most of the thieves were shot and killed by the party, though one rather large fellow was left unconscious on the ground after taking a drubbing from Charlie.

Two men managed to escape on horse back, while several horse were left loitering about outside the building waiting for their owners who would not be coming out; well except in a box.

After the commotion of the encounter, James Dent asked that someone go fetch the Sheriff or at least a Deputy to help sort out the mess and to investigate the crime.

Rusty Atkins searched the body of the very vocal man, and found a note saying “The bar, August 15 9”. Rusty informed the group that he believed he had seen this man at a local bar Dos Barriles and that he believed that is likely what this note meant.

Jeremiah Weed volunteered to head to the Sheriffs office to fetch the officers.

The Session went well, and I think there were several lessons learned about the mechanics of the game and how things go. I certainly know that I learned quite a bit.



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