Southern Steam Railway

The Smoking Gun

Meeting Date: 04/25/2015

After the last of the intruders had been dispatched, captured or runoft; the party parted ways briefly to take care of informing the Police and looking after the intruders.

Trip dutifully took to the task of performing last rites on the souls of the men whose bodies now littered the floor of the warehouse, for every man deserves the chance to be judged in the eyes of the Lord; or something like that.

The good Doctor Professor Winterbottom made his way to look after the wounds of the captured unconscious man that had been bound on the floor. But not looking to be out done the ever blood thirsty Rex Banner decided it was high time to find out if the man on the ground was really as hurt as he appeared… Turns out he was. The seemingly minor wound was enough to cause even further blood loss and the man bled out despite the best efforts of the Doctor and his immense knowledge of human physiology.

The resulting death did not please the Mr. Dent, in fact he was more than a little hot under the collar over the situation.

Meanwhile the rest of the party was in town informing the police of the situation and telling them the tale of the break in and the resulting situation of the intruders.

Jeremiah took careful note before leaving of the wanted posters, and even took a few copies of the more lucrative bills.

The police arrived at the warehouse and began their investigation, most notably by looking for the survivor they had been told about. The good Doctor once again provided his expertise, this time in telling stories, and filled the officers in on the happenings while the rest of the party was gone.

This of course led to the prompt arrest of Mr. Banner who, to his credit, was calm and cooperative with the authorities.

As the police finished their investigation the rest of the party returned, and it was decided that they would now go after the intruders that managed to be smart enough to escape.

Trip, Jeremiah, Rusty, and Deputy Lor went out to follow the intruders. Trip was able to track them in the middle of the night on a cloudy day with a slight wind, all the way to the river.

It was here that the Deputy decided he was not a good enough rider to make it across the river, but the party members knew they were made of sterner stuff. The horses swam with grace, Jeremiah and Rusty held on for dear life. While good ol’ Trip fell off and went for a little dip in the cool refreshing waters. Trip was fine after a few big gulps and thrashing his way back to the shore from whence he had came.

Trip hiked back to the warehouse and Rust and Jeremiah met up with the Deputy on their way back as well, having lost the tracks on the other side of the river.

The adventure closed with party making plans to further protect the bank cargo, and to get ready to see the pending trial.



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