Southern Steam Railway

The little barn on the prairie.

The information for the meet seemed good. The plan was to send ahead Jeremiah and Trip to scout out the barn.

The scouts ran up ahead, they were able to spot a single patrol walking around the barn.

Jeremiah’s horse also wanted to see what he could, see. The horse was spooked, bucked up and threw poor Jeremiah. Neighing loudly and nearly trampling poor Jeremiah.

Jeremiah and Trip each circled around the barn. Taking note of the fact it was now closed up and no one was to be seen. Trip took up a position behind a tree overlooking the rear entrance to the barn, while Jeremiah took cover behind the broken down old farm house.

The rest of the party arrived with Deputy Sheriff Burns and three other officers.

The party gathers near the front and ask the officers to make the initial approach to try and bring those inside out quietly.

The cops approached in a typical two by two approach and proceeded to knock in the loud cop knock fashion. The knock on the door was answered by several loud reports from with in the barn.

One of the deputies was hit and brought to the ground as was Deputy Sheriff Burns. Another shot rang out from above in the barn narrowly missing Rusty.

Rusty responded back with a shot of his own whizzing past the head of the shooter above.

The good Doctor approached the barn and let forth a stream of flame through the fresh holes in the barn.

Seeing an opportunity the officers begin to pull away bringing along the wounded officers.

The back of the barn is covered by Marcus and Trip. As Jeremiah begins to make his move toward the front of the building.

As a second volley rings out from within the building the officers are again hit.



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