Southern Steam Railway

The murder trial and the stakeout

Meeting Date: 05/08/2015

The adventure picked up where it left off, with the impending trial of Rex Banner.

The trial begins with testimony from the officers and the witnesses, Doctor Winterbottom and Trip. The defense put up a decent case, but it could not overcome the irrefutable truth, that Rex had shot an unarmed, bound, unconscious man; and those injuries led to his eventual death.

In a last ditch effort Rex attempted to bribe the judge, in hopes of escaping with his life. Unfortunately for him the Judge held fast to his convictions and did not falter.

Rex Banner was hanged in a public execution. He will be missed. People everywhere that knew him will remember him whenever they hear, the Star Spangled Banner played.

A new member was recruited for the team by Mr. Dent as he felt the team needed to be properly manned. In walked a young man with grit and determination, to make up for other areas he might be lacking, most notable an arm.

The party returned to the task at hand, attempting to discover who had connections with the group that had attempted to rob the railway. To accomplish this the party teamed up with their liaison office Deputy Sheriff Burns.

The plan was hatched and Jeremiah went on a head to scope out the Dos Bariles bar. Jeremiah watched the the patrons come and go as he perched himself at the bar.

He was later joined by Markus Porter who took a table at the back of the bar and watched as time ticked by. Dr. Winterbottom took a table at the opposite corner of the bar and attempted to flirt with the waitress… he did not get very far.

The last member of the party to join in the bar was Rusty, he walked in and felt right at home at the poker table, playing poker and making small talk he kept an eye out for suspicious activity.

The door outside was watched by Charlie and Trip who had decided there may be a need for back up outside if things went awry.

As the group waited patrons came and left, but no one really caught anyone’s eye.

At the last moment one man got up to leave and caught the eye of Rusty who followed after him. He was a bit too far behind and the man was able to mount his horse and head on his way.

Rusty said to Charlie and Trip that there man was getting away. It was at this point that Charlie sprang into action, he chased down the man now on horse back and told him that Connor was waiting for him in the hotel across the street, “The Establishment”.

In fact the only person waiting there was the Deputy Sheriff who took up a seat in the hotel to avoid being noticed in case the person/s who the group was looking for was familiar with local law enforcement.

The man believing that Charlie was indeed simply hired to deliver a message turned around and headed for The Establishment to find the man he had been waiting for.



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